A Surprisingly Long List of Run Commands

I cannot remember the number of times during my *** years as an IT Guy that I have Googled certain commands. Frankly, the only ones that have ever stuck are ping, ipconfig and tracert, probably because I use them so often.

So here is a nice handy list of Run commands that can be executed either via the command prompt or by hitting Windows + R. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a list? Well I do that’s for sure. There are about 200 of them so enjoy.

CommandWhat the heck does it Open?
winverAbout Windows
devicepairingwizardAdd a Device
hdwwizAdd Hardware Wizard
control admintoolsAdministrative Tools
systempropertiesadvancedAdvanced System Settings
NetplwizAdvanced User Accounts Control Panel
control userpasswords2Advanced User Control Panel
controlAll Control Panel Items
%AppData%App Data
azman.mscAuthorization Manager
control colorPersonalization Settings
control desktopPersonalization Settings
fsquirtBluetooth File Transfer
bootimBoot Options
c:C Drive
certmgr.mscCertificate Manager
sysdm.cplChange Computer Settings
systempropertiescomputernameChange Computer Settings
systempropertiesdataexecutionpreventionChange Data Execution Prevention Settings
printuiChange Printing Settings
charmapCharacter Map
chkdskCheck Disk
cttuneClearType Text tuner
cliconfgClient Configuration Utility
colorcplColor Management
cmdCommand Prompt
%CommonProgramFiles%Common Files
compCompare Files Command
comexp.mscComponent Services
compmgmt.mscComputer Management
CompMgmtLauncherComputer Management
mmcConsole Root
timedate.cplDate and time
debugDebug Folder
computerdefaultsDefault Apps
defragDefrag Command
devmgmt.mscDevice Manager
hdwwiz.cplDevice Manager
control printersDevices and Printers
msdtDiagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard
tabcalDigital Calibration Tool
dxdiagDirectX Diagnostic Tool
cleanmgrDisk Cleanup
diskmgmt.mscDisk Management
diskpartDiskpart Command
dccwDisplay Color Calibration
desk.cplDisplay Settings
dpiscalingDisplay Settings